These are the most popular polls :


No of Votes

Are Vaccines a Con or Cure 9679
Should BLM and Pride Flag should be banned from classrooms? 9005
Is evolution real? 8599
Do you believe Rishi Sunak when he says that he will stop the boats 8397
Will you be shopping at Wickes again? 8184
Do you agree with 15 minute cities? 7612
Who do you think is a bigger drain on the healthcare system 7455
Did you know there was a cancer act to imprison anyone that could cure cancer 7129
Who is at fault Putin or Zelensky? 6989
Is time real 6492
Do you use your partners toothbrush 5876
Twin towers 5755
Chemtrails real or just Condensation 5580
Did they put down deaths as covid that were caused by midazolam and ventilators? 5530
Now that the UK is out of the EU, how has it impacted on your life? 4427
If you live in the UK, do you pay your TV licence? 4187
Do you pay council Tax 3924
If you wrote a business plan did you find it useful? 3918
We hear a lot about vaccine injury, but very little about NON vaccinated getting sick. It is as if the unvaccinated are never going to get sick again, yet we know people who are and many of us have experienced issues ourselves. So here is a poll ONLY FOR UNJABBED to see how we are really doing. Please RT for broader sample 3623
Should individuals have the right to refuse medical treatment, even if it goes against medical advice and could potentially harm themselves or others 3609
Should assisted dying be legalised in the UK 3381
Do you actually care about eurovision? 2817
Who should be president 2350
Is the Earth Flat or Round 979
Do you think young people "dying suddenly" is caused by vaccines? 870
Did you pledge allegiance to the king 859
Who will you vote for in the next election 850
Should Matt Hancock be in prison 849
Which of the sectors do you most support (in terms of Strike Action)? 840
Can a man become a woman 792
Should science always be questioned? 764
Did you take all your covid Jabs 738
What is the biggest problem in the UK right now 705
Given the choice would you accept Charles as your King 695
Does the word Fuck offend you? 667
What is a woman 666
Would English tourism survive without the Royal family 657
Will you be swearing your oath at the coronation? 637
Do you believe Germ Theory 634
Do you believe the experts re climate change 624
Do you support abortion right up to giving birth 597
Has the Conservative Party become the most corrupt and despised political party in Britain history 595
Do you still wear a face mask? 574
Should companies stay out of politics 573
Do you know anyone in the UK thats owns, or have owned a slave? 567
How pointless are celebrities 566
Does God exist? 566
Do you believe man went to the moon? 508
Do you think every illegal immigrant should be deported 430
If they called a microwave oven by its real name "Radiation Oven" would you still use it 429
Would you find it offensive if someone refers to you as a "Cis-Man/Cis-Woman"? 380
Self service in supermarkets 339
Should swimmer Lia Thomas be stripped of their medals? 314
Should Charles Abdicate in favour of William 282
Is transgender part of the depopulation program? 12
Do you think the vaccines are safe and effective 10
Drag Queens reading in school 8
Do you watch the news? 7
Is red meat a health risk? 7
Do you need validation from other people 6
Is there a belief that the World Health Organization (WHO) is connected to the Illuminati? Please select one of the following options: 5
Is transgender a mental illness 5
Which do you think is better for your health? 5
Do you think every media trend is a psychological operation 4
If given the opportunity, would you choose to extend your lifespan? 3
Is there a belief that corruption originates from the World Health Organization (WHO) through a connection with the Illuminati? 3
Are you still buying bud light 3
Should men be allowed in womens toilets and changing rooms because they wear a dress and pretend to be a woman? 3
Have you watched more or less TV since it went woke 3
Why did you get the vaccine? 2
Should the anti vax people face jail for not warning people about the dangers of vaccines 2
If you were nasty to the anti vaxers during covid do you regret your nastiness 1
Do you believe Rishi Sunak when he says that he will stop the boats 1